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 Products list

Below you can find a listing of the products available in our office. Call our office for Pricing!


We offer multiple cleanser options for all skin types, including Replenix, ELTAMD and DSC Brand. Please call our office to find the best cleanser for your skin. 


Rosacea Products

DSC is now proud to offer a multiple product package, especially for rosacea prone skin. This package includes a cleanser, sunscreen and advanced redness control complex. Call our office today for more information.


DSC Oil Free SPF 30 - 4oz.

ELTAMD UV Aero Continuous Spray Sunscreen SPF 45 - 6oz.

ELTAMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen SPF 46 - 1.7oz. 

ELTAMD UV Shield SPF 45 Oil Free Face & Body Sunscreen - 3oz.

ELTAMD UV Daily SPF 40 Facial Sunscreen with Hyaluronic Acid - 1.7oz.

ELTAMD UV Sport SPF 50 Water Resistant Sunscreen - 3oz.

Anti-Aging Products

DermaSurgery Center offers a multitude of products for all your anti-aging needs. Dr. McGillis and her staff will gladly create a package of anti-aging products especially chosen for your skin care needs.

Miscellaneous Products

Dark Spots? - We've got you covered

Mild Acne? - You'll see less spots in no time!

Weak Brittle Nails? - Get the strength you desire.

Nail Fungus? - Our product is guaranteed.



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